Monday, April 03, 2006

Insomnia again?

I'm not sure if its really a case of imsomnia or just the fact that I keep really goofy hours. I worked the graveyard shift for 14 yrs. and ever since my schedule has basically been no schedule at all. Aside from the few things that need to done at a given time that is. You get in the routine of sleeping days for 4-5 days and then switching to sleeping nights for the weekends.

These days I work in town for my husband one day a week and also help out during the lunch hour on Fridays. Rest of my time is devoted to playing with glass, caring for our daughter, & keeping up with the house and gardens. I've been a slacker on the house lately though. So it seems like a great time to get a blog started, quite a chore for one who still has to watch the keyboard while she pecks at the keys.

Been thinking a lot about the frustration the lampworking community is suffering over the cheap imports flooding the US market. We need to continue to educate the jewelry designers about the whole beadmaking process and the importance of proper annealing of handmade lampwork. Just like furniture, you can shop at Walmart or at Klingmans. Most people can see the difference between the two and expect to pay a premium for high end furniture. The average person cannot tell the difference when it comes to art glass beads. If you have ever done shows you already know what I'm taking about. A woman boldly said to me at a show "These aren't glass, they're plastic" or "What kind of paint to use on them?"
We need to educate, educate, educate!

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