Saturday, April 21, 2007

Too many accounts!

Geesh, just trying to sign into my blog took 10 minutes. Seems I have 2 google accounts now (not what I intended to do) with one only for signing into blogger.

Opening the Esty shop was a good decision, glad I did. First sale took 3 weeks, however I've averaged about one a day since then. So I will be listing much less on feeBay and more on Esty. I can hardly create enough beads to have new auctions up every 5-7 days so putting my work on Esty is much nicer for me. Buyers don't have to wait for a listing to end or get into bidding wars, just click and it's yours! Here's the link if you haven't been there yet.

Today I'm off to visit the bead gals from West MI. We try to meet once a month. Great bunch of talented women!

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