Monday, March 12, 2007

New Etsy Shop

I'm jumping on the Etsy Bandwagon! With eBay raising their listing prices once again I've decided to give Etsy a shot. Nice thing is items listed there stay up for 4, that's a long time for the cash involved. Instead of listing $10 auctions on eBay for 5-7 days I'll be putting the more affordable items on Etsy instead and ...... charging less for shipping there too. Won't be adding insurance automatically like I do on eBay.

My Etsy Glass Shop

Had minor surgery on my foot last week and just starting to get around a bit more with this walking boot. Going to try and add new stuff to the Esty site for the next couple weeks. Keep your eyes peeled, lol.

Long Time, No Post

It has been weeks and weeks since I posted a thing here....what's up with that?

Our puppy is growing pretty fast and boy is she a naughty little girl! So far she has ate or tried to eat my slippers, a scissors, 4 of her toys, soft nail file, a hat, couple gloves, the snow shovel, underwear (anybody's will do), cat #2, every pen or pencil she can find, several socks. You get the idea. Her's a picture from last month.

and another with her digging in a brush pile.

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