Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cabin Fever & the Winter Blues

It's here. I'm restless

Cabin Fever has set in a little earlier this year (seems to that every year now)
The older I get the less I like the cold weather and snow. There are days I don't notice whats going on outside because I never look outside, how sad it that? Do love a good snowstorm though and we have plenty of them living close to one of the Great Lakes. The promise of spring emerging in just a few short weeks (keep telling myself) helps me keep the faith, lol.

The iced Chapel Hill shoreline picture above is a photo sent to me via email with a bunch of other beautiful shots from MI. I'll be posting them on this blog over the next several weeks until spring catches my attention. I don't know who originally took the photos, if I find out credit will be given to them.

In the meantime my 20% Off Winter Sale is still active until Tuesday Midnight. Use code WINTER2011 during checkout in either of my shops, etsy and artfire


Friday, January 07, 2011

Winter 20% Off Sale

Having a Winter 20% Off Sale! For the next week or so I'm having this sale in my Etsy Shop to raise money for taxes. Etsy has a cool coupon feature now so you'll have to enter the code WINTER2011 at checkout for the discount to apply. No more waiting for refunds from paypal!

I'm going to run the same sale and same code to my Artfire Shop too! I've added a few new things there and hope to add many more in the next week.

Edited to add...
Artfire is doing unscheduled maintenance right now, I won't be able to add the code there till later today.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cleaning Beads

When you're a bead artist one of most dreaded chores you have to do is clean your beads, often dozens of them at a time. Ask most bead makers and they'll say this is the chore they like doing the least. This and dipping mandrels.

Recently I saw a post on LE (Lampwork Etc., the best lampwork forum there is) about cleaning out big hole beads, specifically pandora style ones made on a 3/16 mandrel.

I had completely forgot that I have a large stash of diamond coated bits just the right size for pandora and other euro style beads. When adding a sterling silver core to these beads you need a 5mm hole for the tubing. The bits I use are 5mm and have a pointed end which helps to center the bit when cleaning.

I also use these for cleaning vessels and dread beads since they work much faster covering a larger area than the small bits. If you haven't tried these I encourage you to do so, at $3 they won't break the bank and you'll have those bracelets beads ready to core in no time. These are in both my Artfire and Etsy shops.

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