Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Adding to the glass shop.

A pretty quiet day today, bit on the chilly side however it is Fall and we've been spoiled by the record temps we've had this month. DH is working on his latest project (one of many, lol) fitting a meat smoker with stainless racks. I've been busy adding stock to the store.

I love these silvered river rock lentils!

Did a couples roses too!

The rest can be viewed here, giapet.etsy.com

Tonight we're taking my folks out for dinner. They spend the winters down south and will be leaving in a week or two. It's such a blessing that they are in good health and have the means to travel however it always saddens a little to see them go.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Poll Added

Good morning! I just added a new poll to the sidebar on the right. Never know how many beads to put in a set. With ebay larger sets went better, then when I switched over to etsy the smaller sets of just 2 or 3 beads were the ones moving. I've noticed too that people are mixing up their jewelry creations with many other components and not strictly making a piece with several of the same beads in it. Or is it only because the smaller sets are less expensive? Hopefully getting some new input on the matter will help me better serve my customers needs.

I'm off to the torch! Its early so I'll probably being listing today too. Have a great Sunday!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall is here!

My first sale as part of the Etsy Glass Artists street team went well. Didn't get much time to sit at the torch, was too busy adding inventory left from the show I did in Grand Rapids earlier this month.

Thank you for your appreciation of my glass work!

I caught a nasty cold (from my daughter) last week too. Just now feeling better, don't have to have the kleenex box within arms reach today, yah! Helped that my DH was up north working on the new barn and doing a little hunting. I was able to totally veg out when I felt like it.

As I type this, my girl is in town getting tickets to her very first rock concert. Not sure how I feel about that, she's 17 now so guess we better get used to not having too much say anymore. Nothing against concerts, did my share of them. Just the maternal part of brain thinking here.

Recently joined some picture & blogging sites to try and get my Etsy presence out there a bit more. Much to my surprise I was contacted by a person who does a weekly feature on her blog about different shops on Etsy. She wanted to feature my shop and asked to use a couple of pictures in her article. Her blog is wonderful, I'll certainly post a link here if and when the piece is up.

While loading an old disc of pictures I came across a lovely set of beads that at first I didn't even remember making! They have great silver reactions that are all the rage these days. Wish I knew what glass the scroll work was done with, can't imagine its one of the $100 a pound silver glasses out today. These were made before that glass was on the market.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Etsy Eye Candy

Just some of the new things I listed today in the etsy glass shop.

Just some of the new things I listed today in the etsy glass shop.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

20% Off Sale In Etsy Shop!

In celebration of Etsy Glass Artists street team's 1st birthday we are having a 20% off sale until Oct 14th.

The EGA site below has a list of participating artists here.

My Esty Shop, Fire-n-Sand can be found here. Fire-n-Sand Glass Shop

I had a show last weekend and have many more items to list this week, be sure to check back often!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

West Michigan Bead Expo

It's time for the Best Bead Show on this side of the state! This Saturday in Grand Rapids MI. Hope to see you there!

So many of us that do this show are friends who meet up on a regular basis. It makes the day really fun. Actually it is the only show I've done in the last few years. If they were all run this well I do many more, lol.

Anyway if you get a chance to drop by ... do it! They have demos and door prizes going on most of the day too.

Oh, and check my etsy shop on Sunday for a surprise there too!

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