Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BOO, are you going for scared or scary looking?

Remembering the fun we had dressing up going to Halloween parties. Haven't done that for years now. There's a place not too far from here doing a huge scary maze with semi trailers buried in the field. Heard it was pretty good this year.

Can't believe I have posted anything new here for 2 months now, geesh, what a slug. And people say I'm organized... boy have I got them fooled. I try but feels like I'm back pedaling all the time.

The cabin is looking great. I posted the latest photos on my flickr page One more roman shade to make and the windows are done. One of his (DH's) friends liked them so much he hired me to make him some. His cabin is bigger, has more windows, 10 or 12 I think. Something to do while we're snowed in this winter.

Sitting on my desk here is a bowl about half full of beads. Most of what I made this summer when camping. I was all gang-ho on getting them listed till my Canon camera took a dump. Since then its been a struggle to get the settings right and get good bead pictures with my Olympus. Does fine for your normal picture taking of family and vacations. Sure the problem is more me than the camera. I put the Canon away so I could send it back to the factory and get a repair estimate... then I forgot where the heck I put it. So much for organizing. I'm stalking a couple on ebay right now, probably cheaper to gamble on a used one than repair mine, that is if I could find it.

Plan to chain myself to my torches this weekend, wish me luck that life doesn't get in the way. Here's some eye candy, drooling allowed.

Raku Vessel

Sea Shell

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