Friday, September 22, 2006

Bead Storage Solution

Like anyone who starts to collect beads and other componets for jewelry design you soon find your storage area has become a tad inadequate. For me, a bakers rack used for plants in our office/sunroom was a good place to keep my bead boxes since it was right next to the diningroom where I could spread out and work. Fast forward a couple years and now not only was it an eyesore, the rack was dangerously overloaded with weight. I needed a storage unit that would look decent and have a good amount of space in it. Since I'd rather spend my spare cash on glass, new tools, and beads, saving for a nice storage unit wasn't at the top of the list.

DH and I found this "bead box" (what he calls it) for my birthday. I love it, not only does it hold all my stuff with some space left over, it looks great! It was half off in a clearance section to boot. I love the seedy reed glass in the doors too, no need for me to make stained or fused glass panels for it. This is the best gift he has ever given me, next to my daughter of course.

What an improvement!

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