Sunday, July 23, 2006

A New Week

Woke up this morning having no Direcway Satellite connection! I've heard tons of stories about Hughes Net (new name for Direcway) having awful problems and lousy customer service. Man, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. Once I unplugged & replugged in the modem, it appears to be fine. Whew! I'm in no mood to sit on hold for hours with some tech in India, lol.

I wasted the whole day yesterday, didn't do much of anything. Still depressed over losing Moose. Received several nice emails of condolences which I appreciate, thank you.

My daughter borrowed a game cube and the game Animal Crossing. She left it home for me to play with while she went on vacation with her BF's family. I'm not just a glass addict, seems I'm a game addict too. Had to buy one of these for us on ebay. My excuse is... Its a nice small unit to take with us camping for when it rains. Gives the kids another thing to do too.

I am going to get to my torch today for sure! My tools & kiln are still in the truck from last week. Easy enough to set back up. Planning to build a small metal box kiln with a good controller so I don't have to pack up my revamped for bead annealing hot box from my shop everytime I travel. With a top, bottom, bead collar, main unit, and the stand alone controller it isn't very convenient to travel with it. Friends of my folks are giving me an old test kiln that I can use the brick and stainless from. I'll get new electrical parts for the rest of it since they're pretty cheap to buy.

Time to get busy!

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