Thursday, February 05, 2009

Win this Vessel Pendant!

This vessel is my freebie for February. A winner is drawn from subscribers to my newsletter "Glassbits". You still have time to subscribe using the box on the right for a chance to win this vessel and future prizes too! I'll be picking a random winner next weekend. This picture is linked to etsy shop if you want to view more of my work.


  1. Are you kidding? I would love to win one of your vessels, so I've definitely signed up! I've also checked out your store. I think your little roses and the goddess beads are fantastic. I love your lentil focus beads too - they look like little landscapes.

  2. Hey karen, if you could pleases e-mail me regarding OWOH, I will be sending out as promised 150 art cards and your on the list.

  3. Oh this is gorgeous just my colours I think I might just pop my name down, I have a giveaway on my website currently, if you fancy joining my mailing list.

  4. Now that you have won one of my bracelets, I would love to win one of your beautiful glass vessels..they are wonderful...thanks for visiting my blogs during the OWOH giveaway...and congratulations for winning my drawing...hope to hear from you today...

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    Linda (Okla)

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous and what a pleasure to meet you!

    I would love to win!

  6. Thanks for entering my contest. The raspberries are from my garden-last summer's crop. If you look closely you can see a tiny ant. My grandkids think the ant makes the picture!

    I picked winners, sorry you didn't win, but I'm definitely doing it again next year!

    So great to meet you!

  7. There seems to be a bit of confusion about this vessel drawing. The winner is chosen from the subscribers to my newsletter.

    This is not the OWOH item, that one was the red heart pendant.

    Just wanted to clarify the difference between the two. Thanks!


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