Saturday, June 27, 2009

Win A Freebie for July

I'll be picking a winner for this lampwork vessel bead around the first of July. The "catch" is you have to sign up for my newsletter "Glassbits" to be in the drawing. I only send it out every month or two to let customers know about upcoming events or sales in my etsy shop.

So if want a chance to win this vessel or a future freebie drawing go ahead and sign up using the form in the right column. You know you want too.

On another note I've been playing with making copper findings for my work and might be offering them up in the etsy shop in the future. Stay tuned on that one.


  1. I entered! It's so beautiful :D
    I'm a 16 soon to be 17 year old glass blower :)
    I'm going to subscribe to your blog

  2. Lucia, Glad to hear your into glass! My friend's son started at 14 and does amazing work. Good Luck in the drawing too! Thanks, Karen

  3. This is such a sophistocated vessel! I love it. I'm already subcribed so I hope I'm in the drawing. I recently attended a craft show here and made contact with someone who teaches lampwork...I am saving my pennies frantically so I can learn. Until then I'll just take in all the eye candy!

  4. This is such a sophistocated vessel. i love it. I'm already subscribed so I hope I can be in the drawing. I love glass...I'm saving my pennies so I can take a class one day. Until then I'll just devour all the eye candy.

  5. Thanks, simple can be very classy in my opinion. Good luck with the lampworking, it can be very addicting.

  6. this is a very beautiful lampwork vessel. reminds me of the pots i do at ceramics class.


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