Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Setting Goals

Been thinking about making some changes in my lifestyle. I turn 50 (bleh) next month! None of my past birthdays have bothered me one bit. I don't like the sound of 50, however if it pushes me to make some positive changes for the better it can't be all bad, lol. Its time to take charge of my health.

I need to quit smoking. I did quit when I was pregnant 17 yrs ago. In my early 40's I had a complete physical check up with all the tests thinking that would help me change some of bad habits. All the stuff they tell you not to eat, etc. I passed with flying colors (great genes) and was told to keep doing what I was doing (except for the smokes of course).

When I still worked full time weight and exercise were never an issue. My job was physical and heavy which kept my weight in check. I was also single for several years so the refrigerator wasn't stocked up like it is now. I quit the job in 95 and have slowly gained an extra 20-25 pounds.

Not that this is an interesting read or anything... just putting my thoughts down thinking it might help me reach these 2 goals if I can express them in print. I'm the type who knows I can do anything once I set my mind to it. It is making the commitment that I struggle with now. lol, I'm a Virgo so I tend to analyze everything. The plan is to curb bouts of smoking withdrawals (only a past smoker can relate) with bursts of exercise. Hopefully the need for instant gratification will pass and eventually be replaced by seeing results with the workouts. I just ordered the "Slim in 6" dvds to help speed up those results, or so they claim. With DD back in school by then and DH out hunting in his spare time they'll both survive those first couple of weeks relatively unharmed, lol. It will also give me the time needed to work on myself.

Enough of that, want to see some beads?

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  1. Oh, Karen, quitting smoking would please me soooooooooooooo. Why not buddy up with Ms.Chris; you can help each other through the process.
    I'm all about exercise but the only way I've been successful in that department is to join a group. I've been going to Jazzercise for 16 years. I've gained a ton of friends and I love to dance so it fits like a glove for me. If that's not your cup of tea and you're going to stay home to exercise then I would suggest building it into your daily schedule. If it's not part of your day then it's too easy to skip.
    Weight: ah, yes, I know all about the gain and lose cycle. I know now (cuz I'm so damn smart) that if you do something unrealistic to lose weight, it will soon come back. If you set up a program of weight loss that you cannot keep up then it will fail. I've done everything and the best success I've had (lost 20lbs last year and so far, it's still gone!) is to eat half portions. I still eat everything I like, just half of it. When we go out, I ask for a to-go box immediately and as soon as my food comes - half of it disappears into the box. I eat the rest of it the next day for lunch. I don't eat breakfast; I know that's not recommended but . .
    Anyway, I wish you well in the smoking department. I can be a shoulder of support if you'd like. I was a cheerleader way back in the 60's and I still have my pom-poms!!!!!!!!!!!


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