Sunday, August 27, 2006

Time to get Going!

Didn't get much done in the way of beadmaking last week. I worked four 11-12 hour days instead. Not used to being on my feet that long on our hard tiled cement floors behind the bar. This week will be more fun! Only working on Friday, well, in town I mean since I work constantly in the house and glass shop at home.

Wish my new bead kiln was ready, Labor Day is my last outing this year where I could make beads while gone. Packing up my layered kiln from the basement shop is a pain. Maybe I'll work on jewelry instead this time. Off to clean the bar & get some groceries, then torching the rest of the day. I put a couple more auctions up today too, if you're interested there's a link on the right.

Have a safe Labor Day Holiday!

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