Friday, July 10, 2009

Mystery Giveaway!

I decided to do an extra giveaway! I'm a few sales away from hitting the 1,000 mark so I'm going to make the person who purchases and pays for the 1,000th item a mystery gift! And they get to request what colors they want for their gift. The item will about a $20-$25 value, choices are heart, shell, rose, goddess, or a set of 4-5 lentil or nugget beads.

I'm also going to extend my Christmas in July sale until the 20th of July. I'll be spending time with my parents when the sale is suppose to end so I'm extending it till I get back. Mom plays the lap dulcimer and we've gone to the ODPC Funfest together for the last 13 yrs. My folks are in their 80's now and I enjoy the week we spend together more each year. I'll be taking a torch, kiln and oxygen concentrator with me so I can make beads while hanging around the campsite. It's just me and Sadie (my dog) in our little 5th wheel, the rest of the family stays home.

The last day I can ship before leaving is the morning of Monday, the 13th. I'll catch up on the 20th. Not sure if the local library has the net, I forgot to call them today and find out. If so I'll be able to check in and maybe blog a bit.

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