Friday, November 20, 2009

November's Bead of the Month

Here it is, the bead for my November drawing. I'm going to add a couple small spacers beads with it. Wouldn't it make just the wettest bracelet!

Now if you want a chance to win this beauty along with the matching spacers all you have to do is fill in the box on the right with your email addy, first and last name. The winner is drawn from my newsletter's mailing list. I don't send it out very often, usually just to announce a sale or special event.

The only reason I ask for names is to be able to weed out the spam bots that auto sign up. They have weird email addresses and even stranger names. Awhile back it was Viagra Viagra...plz give me a break , lol. Don't worry I never share your info with anyone.

I'll update the picture after I make the spacers beads, should be tomorrow.
The drawing will be on Turkey Day! So get yourself signed up soon!

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