Friday, November 27, 2009

Winner of November's Free Drawing!

A winner was picked for this set of 3 beads yesterday.

The initials of the lucky winner are J. W.

Remember, all you have to do for a chance to win some of my glass art is sign up for the "Glassbits Newsletter" using the box in the right hand column. Your name will be in every drawing I post on this blog. Each winner is notified using the newsletter format to prevent the message from getting snagged by a spam filter.

If for some reason I don't receive a mailing address from the winner within 2 weeks, a new winner will be drawn.

Coming up next....stayed tuned for details on the Cyber Monday Holiday Sale!


  1. Such lovely beads. Lucky J.W.! Are you certain it wasn't D.J.?

  2. lol, yes Juliette Williams is one very happy lady. She was more than happy to let me pot her full name.

    Maybe next time it will be your turn.
    Thanks for the compliment too.



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